Saturday, August 25, 2007

Obsessive Compulsive Lover

One word ought enough for those wise
But two, deaf fool-hardy
My graceful fall from paradise
Into your love, freely and madly
I walk straight into the night
As I leave no foot-prints behind
Yet nervously pale white--
I worry not. For I have lost my mind.

Then again, I savor thee
Thou princess of my soul
I crave thee at nightfall
For thy voice by day, haunts me
And my love thou hath stole
My blessing, my curse, my very all.

I flee from me and turn to you
As my heart ails from Love's scars
I live as you, my heart sedate
You cloud my perceptions, all is new
And in thy eyes, I see the stars--
I worry not. A new me we create.