Saturday, May 24, 2008

The New World

The new world as high as the new sky,
Where minds think and men fly--
Where childs see with newer eys,
The world anew that never dies.

Torn from her great reality,
Minds contemplate their eternity;
From space and void, a thought becomes,
I create life, to bring peace to me;

Born of light and pain they caused;
The dark hath my mind in winds a'toss,
Still I crave the smell of fresh brewed life!
To be, to stride, and transcend strife.

Angst, I stare the candle light,
How doth she still burn so bright--
Amid the dark and clouds I glow,
But she rules her space, she knows her name.

The old world will pass away
And the new in time shall turn a'stale
But mind and man shall always be
To create life, bring peace to me.