Thursday, May 31, 2007

Danse de Macabré (the dance of death)

My heart stopped as you swung from my arms
Another swift and careless drift
Hope below not death awaits, but gentle harms
As thine eyes, my reassuring nightingale
And callous curiosity, amongst thy many charms
We tag the mountains, You and I.

You kiss me to catch thy breath, as we glide
Past the hedge, over the edge
We're one with the snow, we're lost in the slide
We're lip-lock'd lovers cuddled, hoping--
To live and breathe where others died
But may I love you till the end?

We hit rock bottom at base everest
For we danced unguarded at peak the mountain.
But you're in my arms, and we're in heaven--
Kissing ever since, our lips know no rest.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

"Ahaa!" says I

Hand in hand
The bubbles encircle toward my lips
Bursting loudly
"Pop! haa" "Pop haa!"
A man satisfied at final sips--
"Ahaa!" says I, "Ahaa!" says I

Ear to Ear
Tunes hypnotize me a trance
Tango mildly
"Romp! haa " "Romp! haa"
Up man, it's time to dance--
"Ahaa!" says I, "Ahaa!" says I

Goddess to Mortal
I breath her air, such uncharred ardour
Breathe slowly
"Hmmm haa!" "Hmmm haa!"*
Son of man, it's thy turn and it's her alter--
"Ahaa!" says I, "Ahaa!" says I

But round and round
Of her crystal charms, I doth reek
Dying softly
"...! haa" "...! haa"
Music plays when strong men grow weak--
"...!" says I, "...!" says I

But for a goddess, strong men die,
"Ahaa!" says I, "Ahaa!" says I.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

I brawl life to live.

As I beg thee for my own life,
And bid ye guard thine,
I cease to retain my innate self--
As my life flashes images at thine knife...
I behold myself-- drunk in fear, as with wine.
You re-visit me, with pain itself.

Our hearts, so beautiful and vain
We pair in twos, you win I lose
I surrender as ye spare me, yet again,
You words remind me of my pain.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Ah! Dare I tell...

Indulge me.
When I could be
Make me yours for the moment
For I'm simple to understand
But some complex twist
Though free as current
As flock of birds, 1 or 2thousand--
The least significant amidst.

One or two
Of all you
Sticks through the session
Recurring sharp rasper
The words you tell
Bear with them, my attention
And final words, like a Master
Bidding his pupil farwell.

the end of my tunnel

I'm back.... I hope to stay--
With you, my babes, and you today.