Monday, May 14, 2007

Ah! Dare I tell...

Indulge me.
When I could be
Make me yours for the moment
For I'm simple to understand
But some complex twist
Though free as current
As flock of birds, 1 or 2thousand--
The least significant amidst.

One or two
Of all you
Sticks through the session
Recurring sharp rasper
The words you tell
Bear with them, my attention
And final words, like a Master
Bidding his pupil farwell.


Anonymous said...'re back after your small small hiatuses(lol.. that a word?)

Kafo said...

i'm still thinking about this one really

mack said...

@sweet legs, thanks for coming out. The word is haitii :)

The poem is like saying thank you to my mind for tutoring me, and talking me through the past months.