Thursday, May 31, 2007

Danse de Macabré (the dance of death)

My heart stopped as you swung from my arms
Another swift and careless drift
Hope below not death awaits, but gentle harms
As thine eyes, my reassuring nightingale
And callous curiosity, amongst thy many charms
We tag the mountains, You and I.

You kiss me to catch thy breath, as we glide
Past the hedge, over the edge
We're one with the snow, we're lost in the slide
We're lip-lock'd lovers cuddled, hoping--
To live and breathe where others died
But may I love you till the end?

We hit rock bottom at base everest
For we danced unguarded at peak the mountain.
But you're in my arms, and we're in heaven--
Kissing ever since, our lips know no rest.


Kafo said...

it reminds mii of John Mayer Slow dancing in a burning room

mii likey

Kafo said...

i don't understand the comment u left on my post oooooooooooo

The Pseudo-Independent said...

Thanks for stopping by and being hopeful.
Think am actually on the way out now. And am doing the rounds stopping (from the last to the 1st commentator) by for the last time on all the blogs that I love. Ill miss your blog however ill try to keep following. Just keep dropping me a line as and when you update. This blog is another candle in my heart that is flickering with a brilliant glow. Please dont let anyone blow it out

loomnie said...

Nice blog.... Adding it to my blog roll so I can keep up with updates. Thanks for stopping by mine.

Jaja said...

Love in Tokyo.

soffri.. soffri.. oo

Sparkle said...


nameless.poetical. said...

Wow!!! I read this and my heart started racing...
Imagine a love so carefree that not even the winds could faze it,
So strong, storms couldnt uproot,
So eternal death itself could not seperate it...
That's love
Strong and Eternal.

Sparkle said...
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ijeoma obu iheoma said...

wow... what a poet... honestly you are really talented i cant say that enough...

and iknow what kafo means actually
"slow dancing in a burning room" is a song written by john mayer...about love.. it has almost the same intensity as that song..

Nilla said...

It leaves me speechless!

mack said...

loving all your posts... please keep 'em coming.

The Pseudo-Independent said...

can I just add, think have had a change of heart and going by the general consensus i think ill be staying around in blogsville for much longer although heading to Nigeria in a week

Neers said...

mack.... this ones amazing!!

Oracle said...

I guess i'm late but i'm not left out.
This is extremely beautiful.
Itz good how we appreciate the richness and beauty of Language.

I'm adding you to my blogroll , i think you should do the same