Saturday, May 26, 2007

"Ahaa!" says I

Hand in hand
The bubbles encircle toward my lips
Bursting loudly
"Pop! haa" "Pop haa!"
A man satisfied at final sips--
"Ahaa!" says I, "Ahaa!" says I

Ear to Ear
Tunes hypnotize me a trance
Tango mildly
"Romp! haa " "Romp! haa"
Up man, it's time to dance--
"Ahaa!" says I, "Ahaa!" says I

Goddess to Mortal
I breath her air, such uncharred ardour
Breathe slowly
"Hmmm haa!" "Hmmm haa!"*
Son of man, it's thy turn and it's her alter--
"Ahaa!" says I, "Ahaa!" says I

But round and round
Of her crystal charms, I doth reek
Dying softly
"...! haa" "...! haa"
Music plays when strong men grow weak--
"...!" says I, "...!" says I

But for a goddess, strong men die,
"Ahaa!" says I, "Ahaa!" says I.


Nilla said...

Ahaa!....nice one :-)

Soul said...


hmmm, when I read you, I a;ways pause. always.

Sparkle said...

LOL, interesting

Sparkle said...

that was really nice, u've got talent

Kafo said...

mii likey

ijeoma obu iheoma said...

great.. you are really talented sha

Sparkle said...

Ahaa says I

Jaycee said..., I'm trying to imagine ur mindset as u were writing this piece...

The Pseudo-Independent said...

OOOHHH Mack Lite! You are talented.
I came back to re-read this little gem when I could languish a bit longer here and really savor it.
May you be filled with sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows everything when you return. Give me a shout when you are here.

Sparkle said...

MAck...Ahhaa says I!!!
pls update...dis poetry thing...can't wait to read more of it

The Pseudo-Independent said...

and just to let you know that ill be leaving blogsville very shortly but its sad cos your blog is one amongst the many I have really enjoyed. Ill endevour to stop by on the way out should you have updated by then. See you soon. All the best