Sunday, December 24, 2006


Christ!? Do I believe? I should. That he's the saviour of the world, the redeemer of mankind, yeah I should believe. But I don't, fully. I think he came to set an example, not to save mankind from his father's wrath. hehe

I'm just kidding. I wish it were as uncomplicated as that. Everyday when I look arround me, I see cause & effect, instead of predestined destinations. There's just alot no one understands, not even me. I've asked questions, and all I get in the end is "just believe". It doesn't play very well in my head. I'll make a detailed explanation later. Just felt like saying something.

It's 24th and it still doesn't feel like christmas... I dont forget the harmattan and the cold and my mums cooking and the smile on faces and that fuzzy feeling that made me wish christmas lasted for some 6months more. I miss home.

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Nilla said...

Sorry you miss home :-(
I miss home too.
Merry Christmas!