Saturday, December 23, 2006

My holliday.

Just a little curious how personal I should get out here... or should I just pour it out? like: let it all go? hmmm I got a lot typing to do that's for sure. I'm not sure how many people are going to read this and to some extent, I care what my readers think-- I guess I should.

Life is a fun game. I put all effort into it and once in a while (like now) I burn out. I get so used to the hustle and bustle and I end up hating to stay idle. Somewhere inside it seems like I want the days to fly past. Why is that? Maybe I'm waiting on something better, something brighter. Hope. "The quintesential delusion of the human mind, simultaneously the source of his greastest strength and his greatest weakness" (the 'Architect' the matrix). It keeps me going, and it burns me out.

It's christmas and I have 5days away from work, I just can't wait to go back... eeeew I can't belive I just said that... Christmas without a family to spend it with-- aint that a bitch? I'll just chew crackers and drink a gallon of milk, my stomach will keep me busy; I hope to lose a few pounds (those ones I dont even have) on the toilet seat.

Meanwhile merry christmas y'all... dont forget to write a new-year resolution ( we all know writting it is half the work done)

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Nilla said...

Who'll be reading?
Everybody of course, so you best not do what i wouldn't do....LOL.

Merry Christmas to you too!!