Thursday, January 4, 2007


A walk alone--
Life's hacked terrain;
A song's drooling tone,
Same beat, same refrain.

My unfocused stare--
Barren lands, its futile thrive;
My withered hands on torso bare,
I feel the beat, I am alive.

Splayed out on its hacked terrain--
Skulls of battered, bones of bruised;
That's the trainman, where's the train?
I love his coat, his hat, his muse.

I feel the beat, it thumps inside--
But for the heat, I'm still alive.

Copyright © macalurs 2006


Nilla said...


Elle said...

I love the way you use sound in this poem.. very nice indeed!!!

mack said...

thanks you all, I appreciate it.

azuka said...

That's super poetry.

I stopped writing poetry when I was 12 and found I can't write ti anymore, no matter how hard I try.

Perhaps I need to take a lesson or two from you poet-bloggers.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

laspapi said...

Hello mack,
it'd be interesting to get an interpretation of that poem from you, I think.

I have a published collection of poems (I'm an over-sabi), but nothing along those lines.

Maybe sometime when you're around, you'll attend a meeting of Lagos writers?

mack said...

@azuka, I would have thot you were into poetry too. You're a fantastic teller. Thanks for stoping in.

The poem is from a philosopher's point of view, as he tries to define life.
Verse 1 is just an introduction, where he compares life to a boring song. the "thumps" in this verse refer to his foot-steps.
Verse 2 ponders the question: "Am I alive because my heart's still beating?" The thumps here are his heart-beat.
Verse 3 ponders on death the "train-man", he holds some admiration for. But since the train-man came without his train, then it must not be his time to go just yet. Thumps here-- train-man's foot-steps.

The last lines are a conclusion: "If I'm not dead-- I just saw the train-man, he didn't have his train-- then I'm still alive".

I'm flattered by your invitation to the writers confrence in lagos. I will gladly attend if I'm arround. (Me writer? yeah whatever.. I like the title)

mack said...

That was a summary. There're other strings attached to it to allow different interpretations. Thanks y'all for stoping in.

Anonymous said...

Great poem there. My type, surely. KT

azuka said...

Er, it's about time we updated, don't you think? ;-)

laspapi said...

Thanx for the breakdown, Mack.

Daddy's Girl said...

Love this poem.

The Pseudo-Independent said...

Just stopping by briefly. I have enjoyed this. Ill be back.