Tuesday, January 9, 2007

As You Walk...

Through the sorrow and the wine
Immerse in liquor stupor thine
Starve thine gaunt atwitter mind
Today a prince, tomorrow swine

Through the hellish fate and caste
Wish for palace, but feed the rats
That teach you digging tacts and tricks
Beneath the earth thine gold amassed

Through the wins and all but loss
Watch thine feet with fingers crossed
As to the gambler's toss, his coin
All thy treasures worthless rust.

Through the toils and all but rest
Sweetest vine ye soothe thine breast
Afeast like no tomorrow be
In pursuit of happiness.

Copyright © macalurs 2006


Nilla said...

Ok I was shocked at the begining. but i liked the end...

Nice with a lot of darkness to it ;-)

laspapi said...

First thought it was a poem on the parable of the prodigal son but judging from your breakdown of the last one, I'm probably way off the mark (Excuse the pun).

Nilla's been issuing me death threats, gonna get a restrainig order against her 'contrary' political opinions ;-)

Nilla said...

Ehn...Laspapi, what are you doing? Reporting me??!!

You know that's not true.

mack said...

Lastmanstanding--(I like nicknaming... for friendly purposes)
You're not way off. The whole poem is about the last line of the last verse... "In pursuit of happiness". The first verse was just one facet of the whole.

It seems I'm missing something. Death threaths? uuuum this is serious. *dialing 911*

laspapi said...

911 doesnt work in Nigeria. Come to think of it, what does one call the police on? I need Interpol for Nilla.

'Lastmanstanding'-organized a programme for stand up comedians here last year which I tagged that.

Neers said...