Friday, January 26, 2007

Valentine Wish

Mine heart, thine hands, no wedding bands.
Your steady eyes stare at my heart
It's washed and wrapped, it's still alive
To give the fair'st of all the lands

I want yours too, but take your time
It's you and I and none between
You have all day, I have all night
You pray. I'll wait to be your knight.

Thinkers think and dreamers dream
And hope's for the heart, for things unseen
But through my trials and every storm,
I'll be yours, yours in the morn.

When clocks fail and time's past,
Please be mine, at long last.

Copyright © macalurs 2007


Nilla said...


This is sweeeeeeeeeet.

It's absolutley beautiful.

Jaycee said...

As in...I can't express the way I felt when I read that...

So let me EXIT the building...

Elle said...

AWWWWWWWWW Now I want a valentine mack. it's too sweet!

laspapi said...

lovely valentine's day poem there, mack. I like the 'Eden' poem too.
How do you stop the 'napster boys' from adding your lines to their cards this 14th of February?

mack said...

@ Nilla
thanks for your awws...

Please come back soon... will y'?

Your awws resonate differently, charmingly alarming!!

Thanks. Hey I dont know oo... I guess I better start loading my napster bullets in my napster guns... aim, point, reload then fire!!

azuka said...


If I could write like this I'd have wooed the socks off my crush a long time ago...

Olawunmi said...

this was beautiful, and sweet. you have a way of telling what you have to say that grabs attention.