Tuesday, January 23, 2007

If I swore I was Immortal

And hath thy snail left its home
In thoughtful explore? Oh poor philosopher
The oblivious swagger aflicker candle roam

How useful be the snail, yet her feelers unwind
Need not I those, as my eyes, my curiosity frustrate?
Said the spider to the bat: "Is not life better lived blind?"

Once I lived, once out-slied I a fox
Twice died, out-witting a lion.
"So who's the shadow now?" my shadow mocks.

I could have sworn I couldn't die,
But I raced the snail-- T'was a tie!

Copyright © macalurs 2007


Anonymous said...

I swear I no comprehend this one oh... all this shakespearean big big grammer has thrown me for a loop.. abeg give me small clue(lol.. make it really obvious).. cos for some reason.. i didn't understand this... i mean i know what the words out.. but what does it mean in entirety?

Jaycee said...
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Jaycee said...

Shakespeare RE-INCARNATED as MACK...(ok, lemme try and read it again for berraaaa understanding...lolll)


mack said...
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Nilla said...

Now your making us think..
Lucky of me to stop by when you interpreted it!

I'll feature you on my blog soon :-)

Elle said...

Oh what a splendor mack! Bravo!

Anonymous said...

"pieces of 8!!" screeched L.J. Silver's parrot!!

For something different, I wrote this. I took the interpretation off 'cos it takes away from the poem (I think). Elle and Nilla and ONB and JC, y'all R awesome. Thanks for stoping by. MoreLove.