Monday, January 22, 2007


I'm tired. My mind is slow. i'm working two jobs, and the poems don't seem to flow (sorry 'bout the rhyme). I'll be fine later.


Veracity said...

Maybe this haiku will jolt you out of your writer's block:

"Nimble Feet"
An instant saw it
Scuttling across the dark sky-
Nimble lightning feet

Nilla said...


mack said...

Thanks for the Haiku, I've always loved Japaneese style writtings.

et Nills,
Don't worry 'bout me. I think I feel alot better.

Elle said...

awwwww.. shame.. I have days like that. You just need a time out and it will all be ok. I promise.. :)

iGwatala said...

What a gwan Mack?

"Depression is often the antidote for the poison of life's
too pleasant days..."

thus says the muse.

Be well.

azuka said...

This is a first. A poet apologizing for rhyming? Lol.