Thursday, January 18, 2007

Welcome to Eden

To a place where roses on green thorns grow,
To the valley of death where rivers of life flow;
To man, who God's from dirt to make,
To a mind so fickle but for immortal sake.
Where He displayed His artistry--
That angels marvelled it's majesty,
But serpents walked, and apples grew,
And lions skulls of rabbits chew'd.
To existence and beautiful vainity--
To organised chaos, and veiled disunity;
To illusion and to God's greatest magic,
To life, and happiness ever tragic.
Like beauty out a window toss'd,
Welcome to Eden her paradise lost.


Nilla said...


Sad last line....but still beautiful!

Elle said...

my sentiments exactly! Absolutely beautiful. Moving stuff!!!

mack said...

I'm not reall in love with this one myself. But thanks y'all.

Jaycee said...

Oh my God...I think I'm in love...with the poem...

(starts to breathe heavily, then goes back to read it again...*sigh*)

azuka said...


Noni Moss said...

Wow - I think this is the one that has resonated most with me soo far.

Kafo said...

reality expressed in beautiful terms