Friday, January 12, 2007

My Cold Hands Her Stay

That forever we together be,

I wish. My mind it plagues uncertainty

For human doth I mistake make

Approximately occasional, I may

Her subtle heart of beauty break

It seems like my cold hands never wer' her stay.

The worst lover, and best sinner

Of sorts I am. But my love and forgiver,

She remains soothing ever bland

Like she waits my return to my old way

That she may smile and gently tap my hand

If her love wanes, could my cold hands be her stay?

That forever we together be,

I wish. But to the restless, his uncertainty.

Copyright © macalurs 2007


Nilla said...


This is just beautiful!
I always like it when you write in old english style (that's what its called right?)

Keep on writing.

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful... wish i could do anything remotely close to that! fantastic oh and thanks for stoping by my blog... you sound fun so i'll definitely back.. and i'm so bookmarking you!

mack said...

Thanks nills, aint it always a pleasure to please you?

Thanks. I'v actually been reading your posts awhille now... bluntly erotic as they seem, entertaining they be. Thanks for stoping in.

azuka said...

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

Why am I rated PG? :-(

mack said...

my personal 'zuka
You are as gentle as our last born, you give no trouble, and you are given none.
However thine status can be elevated. Just post something crazy and I'll tell the parents to keep their 13yr olds away from your site, and watch their 17yr olds closely. I dont think I'm being unfair now, or am I? pls don't take it personal, its just humor. From time to time some people might see their sites in the wrong category, I hope they just smile and ask "why?", I'll tell 'em.

Nilla said...

So why does mine have parental discretion huh????

snazzy said...

I like that the only concrete imagery in the piece revolves around the cold hands, so it focuses the attention on the symbolism. Now since this is ur blog, I can ask you what you meant exactly by the cold hands. I suppose it takes all the fun out of interpretation but I think laziness wins on this one.

PS. Thanks for stopping by

mack said...

hey snazzy

"Cold hands" (as opposed to warm hands0 can mean anything. I personally meant to say: I have hands, hands to soothe her, but they are cold, meaning that the don't give the intended feeling. I'm trying to say that I try to soothe her but I'm doing the wrong things. But then that's the string that enables you give the poem multiple explanations.

Elle said...

As always mack.. breathtaking!!!

PS: follow the restless natives... ;)

Naija Vixen said...

Just discovered ur blog,and i have to say your poems are beautiful...keep up tha guud work!

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