Monday, February 12, 2007

Tales of Stupor From The Diary Of A Mad Black Man

He found me
"Ahaa! You're brown skinned!!
What is it exactly- gold or just brown?"
I wanted to straighten him
Out, that poor clown.
He continued.
"You're too colored,
Tan alot?--
How much heat does it take to fry a neuron?"
I thought...
Insane reporters never cease to amaze me...
He noticed.
I tried to speak but I couldn't,
For my speech impaired insanity;
His stupid dry brain had to be wooden,
Teh! And they said I was crazy.
Then he lied:
I used to be black y'know, sorry brown,
You're brown right?"
Stupid cow.
"My parents are white..."
He lost me.


Nilla said...

I'm lost too.
I need to read it again!

mack said...

it's a simple conversation between twolunatics in a psych ward. One's black one's white. The black one is speech impaired while the other one is a crazy reporter. Now that's for the literal meaning.

For the under-current, I wrote this poem to depict the bizzare questions white people ask me like: "Do you guys chase monkeys in Africa?" or "You ride elephants right?". Now the point of the poem is to say that, Americans ask some dumb questions. But we're DUMB (like the speech impaired black lunatic) if we get offended by it.

Anonymous said...

I get it after your explanation for Nilla... that was really good... a bit difficult to understand if i didn't read your comment... but now that i did... fantastic

Jaycee said...

I got it after the conversation as well...loll mack...luving ur insinuations tho!

Keshi said...

heyya Mack SMOOOOCHEROONZ! ;-)

black or brown we all need a head to get along with each other :)


Vickii said...

I would also have struggled to make sense of it without the explanation but now it definitely makes sense. It's an interesting piece and I really like the way in which you divide your poems up into lines ... I think you put the breaks in unusual places which gives the lines a whole different meaning.

I like your blog.