Friday, September 7, 2007


Be it that
The life I live be art in vain
May love thrive my blood
And run my vein

We live forever
Says the preacher
I live now
As the case may be
And my shortened life
My greatest teacher
To give the world
As love gave me
For truth I find
be only for mine eyes
But love and tomorrow never dies

Let those images unwind
As my fleeting folly befall me
For if life is love and love be blind
Then blindly you do stare
At these words before thee

But if life's a dream, thus my illusion break
Bid me die before I wake.


Jaycee said... and tomorrow both exist forever, and ur shortened temporary life does not affect the existence of LOVE, and neither does it affect TOMORROW (which goes on and on as far as there is ETERNITY).

Like u said, if I understood u is ur greatest teacher, and while u're living in this temporary life you're receiving LOVE, so you must definitely give it back (2nd par)

But the 3rd line of the 3rd stanza is a mystery to me, because life can be distinguished from 'love' itself.

U're becoming more and more like Shakespeare o...its even worse than before...

How are u?

mack said...


I'm ok.

Thanks for stoping in.

Jaja said...

Even with all the seeming adrkness, it came to me as life affirming

Neers said...

Mack!!! Wow!! how have you been?

OUI C'EST MOI said...

i would life be a dream.. but it is anything but.. gut wrenching reality bites

Lyrically speaking said...

Wow...I thank you for stopping by my blog, blessing me with your presence and now I can appreciate your work which is amazing.

Dreaming Truth said...

just so you know, your words are appreciated.
I believe that life is love in itself because to be alive is a gift given out of love. But love isnt blind baby, infatuation is. Lets not get it twisted. Love isnt blind, so open your eyes... you'll see you can see...

Kafo said...

For if life is love and love be blind
Then blindly you do stare
At these words before thee

then blindly you do stare not only at the words but at life itself right
and it you can't really c life how can you live it?
so by loving you are actually dimishing your ability to fully live life???

i am just rambling

i like those three lines tho'
u have mii

Sparkle said...

...been a while